New Beginnings Ministries

Ujima Center

We Are The Spirit of God Manifest!

The mission of the New Beginnings Ministries-Ujima is to assist those seeking to reconnect with their spiritual self and realign themselves to the positive greatness that exist within all humanity.  To garner the energies of all to teach a nation of their individual worth in being uniquely and powerfully created and how to "tap the power within" to produce a nation of healers and creative thinkers.  Moving into the manifestation of greatness in the earth through our individual and collective efforts.  The beginning and ending of all that we do is founded in Love.  The love of Spirit to all created beings!

We are a spiritual body; we seek to perfect our lives through our thinking, our actions, our giving and our lives. We fulfill our ministries as we face each day to empower ourselves and others in the spirit of love, healing, empowerment, wealth, strength in our collective and individual responsibility and application of spiritual principles.  We seek to feed the hungry, heal the sin sick soul and teach a nation on economic and spiritual wealth to destroy poverty mindsets and beggarly behaviors.

We have come to know that God is not limited to man's interpretation of an all knowing and all powerful source and thus not contained in our human limitations.  We are created in the infinite spirit of life and we seek to embrace, embody and flesh out that Spirit in all that we do and are.  

Please feel free to assist us as we reach the world with the message of love!


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