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Rev. W.D.Cleckley

Rev. Wanda D. Cleckley

2009 - New Beginnings Ministries, Pastor Wanda D. Cleckley continues her relationship under the continual leadership of Pastors Mary and Willie F. Wilson, Union Temple Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. - In fellowship with New Birth Catherdral of Faith, Bishop Victor T. Curry, Miami, Florida.




1996                           New Beginnings Ministries – Ujima  Washington, DC

Spiritual Director/Pastor

  •    Founder, Director, 501(c)(3) Christ Centered Spiritual Based Community Ministry
  •    Organize, plan and implement community spiritual rallies to educate residents
  •     Teach spiritual life skills classes weekly
  •    Spiritual counselor
  •     Assist in the spiritual training, development and ritualistic practices of church       Develop, write, and implement programs for youth development to include
  •      Entrepreneurship, self esteem building, life skills and community responsibility;
  •      Develop, coordinate, plan and implement yearly Spiritual Domestic
  • Violence conference presently held in Washington, D.C.
  • Perform weddings (African-American; 7 symbols of life); funerals, house blessings, baby
  • dedications; Cleric services designed to meet the needs of those seeking spiritual direction
  • and services.  Counseling services, family counseling, youth/peer counseling, drug counseling.
  • ·         Develop, coordinate, plan and implement ministry services in Miami
  • Targeted for 2008.
  • 1991                                       Union Temple Baptist Church            Washington, DC
  • Associate Minister
  •        Licensed and ordained to preach and teach theological principles.
  •     Teach Sunday school and adult ministry classes.      Plan, organize and implement spiritual principles in teaching, preaching and fleshing out life skills
  •       Assist the vision and goals of leadership in kingdom building and training others.
  • 1982 – 1991                     Mt. Sinai Holy Church of America       Washington, DC
  • Member
  •         Served on the young adult choir.
  •       Served as Sunday school teacher, out reach worker.
  •   Member of Evangel Church, Washington, D.C.
  •       Mt. Sinai Holy Church in Brockton, MA. 
  • Education
  • 2007 - 2008 Attending EV Hill Bible College, Miami Florida, completing BA in Biblical Studies
  • 1995- 1999                           Trinity University                              Washington, DC
  •      Completed Minor ., Human Relations, minor in Theology.
  •       1995 University of The District of Columbia – Completed First
  •   Level Drug Counseling Curriculum – Licensed Addictions Counselor
  •    1982   Graduated Washington School For Secretaries     Wash, DC
  • Interests
  • Author of “Survival, Expressions of The Heart.” 
  •  Published works on Internet articles of interest, current events, prayers, etc.
  • "google: Rev. Wanda D. Cleckley"






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