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There Is A Cry In The Land

There is a cry in the land for the True and Living God.  When the pleasures of this life no longer satisfy and life just does not make sense we need to know that God is real and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  They claim this is a "Lost Generation" but God has not lost anything that He has created. But how can you seek something that you don't know how to find.  We had teachers, leaders and guides and we are duty bound to be that to the world in whatever capacity God has placed us.   Become a committee of one, say a prayer for the neighborhood, for the city, for the nation and for the world - Don't neglect to pray for those who are bound in low life living, pray for the churches that won't reach those who don't meet their criteria, pray for those who just don't understand.  Most of all pray for yourself as God continues to guide you in the path of righteousness for His name sake. 

The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much - James 5:16b

There is a cry in the land...

"Cry Loud and Spare Not and Show My People Their Sins"...

Suffer not the Little Children (Little ones, poor in spirit) to come unto me;

... all that are weary and heavy laden and I will give them rest 


Will you listen ... will you help it ring out?

Be blessed all ways


Spiritiual Domestic Violence

Spiritually Combatting Domestic Violence

Continuing Education and Awarenesss 

"Please continue to intercede as we prepare to move forward!

We are standing on a series of conferences where we continually, consistently and constantly ask the same question "why are we allowing abuse in our experience."  Join us this year as we continue to maintain the mandate.  This conference is sure to be exciting, enlightening and empowering.  Keep us in your prayers a as we love forward.

The existence of abuse is real, consistent and a staple in the lives of many.  It begins in the homes of parents being abused for childen. 

 It starts in acceptance of abuse from a teenage friend, it remains in the lives of a woman or man that has accepted that verbal, emotional, spiritual and  physical abuse is just a way of life. 

Help us to continue  this God ordained mandate to cry loud and spare not and show our people that they are  not to accept abuse on any level.  Help us save our children from entering into a lifestyle that is not what they were created for.

Help us reach those adults that know within themselves that the lives that they have accepted is not the quality of life they long for. 

This conference is true to be a life changing one.  We look forward to your prayers, participation and this year your financial support to make to continue the work of the Kingdom in this much needed area.


Please review with us the annual conference theme's thus far... we thank you for your support, prayers and

participation throughout the years.

I - Stop In the Name of Love - A Spiritual Look At Domestic Violence

II - "Stop In the Name of Love" - Part II

III - "If they hit you they will kill you - domestic violence homicide"

IV - "When Leaving Is hard - why we stay in domestic violence situations"

V -  "Am I Worthy of Abuse" - self esteem issues as it relates to domestic violence

VI - A year to honor our host Harold Gordon, Community Action Group, Washington, D.C. - Rest In Peace

VII - "Loving Me So Wrong" - Speaking Clearly to Abuse and Answering No! 


Please plan to join us this year for this powerful and enlightening conference. 

More information will forthcoming. 

 If you would like to volunteer, speak,

and/or send donations to:

New Beginnings Ministries

Washington, D.C. - Miami, FL 




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